New beginnings....

The Aero Bar Nashville Mobile BAr

What a wild ride this has been.  I knew that it was time for me to create something different, something special and something that personally connected me with new faces.  Being a musician all of my life and being a part of the Nashville music scene for over 10 years has taught me so many things. But the main thing that I've learned from it is that it's important to stay fresh, to stay challenged and to surround yourself with people that inspire.  January 1, 2107 I woke up feeling complacent, not like me at all, it kinda freaked me out.  From that moment, I told myself that it was time to make a change, to do something out of the ordinary, to get out of my comfort zone and figure out a way to become more involved in my community.  This idea of the Aero Bar is not original, it's an idea I saw online in another country.  I fell in love with the idea....a mobile bar?!?   Who wouldn't love that? Within weeks I found a builder and we began the process of building The Aero Bar.

From dreaming up this idea over the course of a year, to seeing "Henry" our first Aero Bar out in action this past week has been such an unbelievable experience for me and my wife.  The amount of hard labor and hours of planning were totally worth it.  We have had an incrdeibly welcoming response from our community just since we launched a week ago.  I have met some amazing new friends and have had the opportunity to connect with some of the most talented in the events industry.  I am so proud to be the owner of The Aero Bar and I look forward to connecting with a new world of faces and friends.  We can't wait to serve you!

P.S. Check out this killer photo and thanks to ILEA and KID EPPS for hosting us at their last meeting.